Will getting stronger make you look bulky?

Let’s get to the point.

You seem to be afraid of lifting heavy weights, and I think that’s why you’re here now.

What’s the reason? The reason is that you think you may get too bulky, or perhaps that you’ll resemble someone like these guys below:

Bulky gut
Photo credit: T-nation

You don’t want it, do you?

It’s NOT the physique that gets people drooling all over your body.

And for the most part, what about the clothes, man??

They mostly have tailored, out-of-proportion clothes! What a freaking hassle!

Okay, but here’s the deal.

Not IN A MILLION YEARS will you look even slightly similar to that.


What do I mean by this? I’ll tell you.

There’s a misconception that lifting heavy weights makes people bulky, and therefore you should lift light weights to build that “tone” and “definition”.

Perhaps it’s because “strong people are huge”, or that “you need bigger muscles to get stronger.”

In this post, we’ll literally EXTERMINATE all that B.S.

Well, firstly, Tone/Definition is achieved by losing overall body fat and building up your muscle mass.

It’s NOT by using light weights and high reps like the gurus are telling you.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. 

We’re here to discuss about strength training in the first place.

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Let’s move on.

What makes a “bulky” physique in the first place?

Well, a bulky physique is made up of two things:

  1. A huge amount of muscle mass (I mean HUGE. Past the natural limit)
  2. A huge amount of fat

If you don’t have any of these things, then guess what? You’re NOT BULKY.

I mean, AT ALL.

And if you’re a natural, drug-free lifter, you’re never going to look like that anyway EVEN if you lift 400lbs on the Bench Press or 600lbs on the Deadlift.

Just look at Johnny Candito, who has THAT kind of lifts:

Image result for johnny candito

Does he look “bulky” to you? Absolutely not. (Unless you have body image issues.)

But I get it. Your idea of “bulky” might have come from the bodybuilding contests.

Okay, that’s one point you can make. But make sure they’re drug free.

No testosterone, no synthol, no SARMS, none of that shit.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Image result for natural bodybuilding contest
Photo from Harris Barclay on YouTube

Most of the time, you’ll see these realistically achievable physiques!

And they’re reaaaaaaaaaally far from the yucky, gut-type bodybuilder type of frame.

Again, if you’re a drug-free lifter, you’re NEVER going to get bulky unless you’re really muscular AND you have more than 20% body fat.

Sure, you’ll look bigger, but still not “bulky”. You’re just going to look sexy and muscular as hell when you get stronger and stronger.

As an example, take a look at Greg from Kinobody. He lifts more than 300lbs+ on the Bench Press, can do Pullups with 100lbs+ for reps, and Deadlifts 300lbs+ (legs aren’t his focus).

Convinced yet?

How to REALLY Avoid Being an Incredible Bulky Hulk

Again, if you’re not injecting a ton of drugs into your body, then it’s reaaaally unlikely that you’re gonna look even half as big as these bulky guys in Bodybuilding contests.

So, remember what I said earlier about the other factor?

You have to maintain your body fat to a desirable level.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have abs yet (getting stronger will get you one, fortunately) as long as you’re not getting TOO fat.

And I define “too fat” as above 20% body fat.

Just look:

Image result for body fat percentage
Photo from nerdfitness

That’s the point where your face looks puffy, your body has “fat curves”, and it’s just not a good look overall. (unless you have gigantic Traps and a really muscular back. You can pull it off that way)

But isn’t losing fat HARD?

I mean, you’ve tried dieting before, right?

Okay, okay, I’ll bail you out. Here’s what you can do.


And here’s 4 reasons why:

Reason #1. Getting stronger builds muscle and actually makes you burn more calories.

Increasing the load that you can lift, aka getting stronger, actually puts a *little* more stress on the muscles you’re using.

When that happens, the muscles get a little bit stronger, and they GROW FAST during recovery.

That’s called Hypertrophy right there. (well, I assume you already know it, but yeah)

And what happens when you get increased muscle mass?

  • You burn more calories even while doing nothing
  • A larger muscle has larger strength potential, so you easily get stronger
  • And the cycle repeats itself!!

Now, the MAJOR, major factor to getting bigger is mechanical tension.

It’s basically the weight you’re using.

Getting stronger on bodyweight training, however, mean “harder” leverage. Think elevated vs knee pushups.

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So, always strive to do a little better each workout!

What’s good about strength training is that it relies on numbers, rather than appearance on the mirror.

So as long as the numbers go up, you know you’re good–you’re getting in better shape, you’re going to get leaner, and most importantly, you’re getting results.

That’s what matters.

Reason #2. It’s the only way to quickly get a GQ model physique that everybody wants

You’ve always wanted that “hot model” physique, right?

The one with the 8-pack abs, with a hot woman in each arm.

I’ll tell you the truth.

As drug free lifters, the only way we can get that type of physique is by improving our performance in the gym.

Whether you’re striving to look like a famous college quarterback or a hot chick down the street.

They all come down to one freaking conclusion.

You HAVE to get stronger.

Reason #3.You won’t look like a 300-lb monster overnight, ESPECIALLY without drugs

Here’s the best part.

I found somewhere on the internet, maybe 5 years ago, this quote:

“If it’s that easy to build muscle, there would be a lot of Arnold Swarchzenegger’s walking around.”

But is that even close to what you see?

I mean, just look around you!

The fact is, it takes time to build muscle. Even lifting the heaviest weight at the gym for a single session won’t make you big as fuck tomorrow.

Sorry, that’s not going to happen.

Sure, there are faster ways to get results–and that’s achieved using smart training. It’s what I preach here on this blog.

You get the results that you want as fast as possible.


That’s a freaking fact. Even steroid users don’t achieve that kind of dream–so how could a natural, drug-free lifter like you worry about that kind of thing?

And that’s it! There’s the answer to all your “lift weight get bulky” problems.

No bullshit, just raw truth. That’s what I want you to learn in this blog.

Okay, anyway, I’ll just show you that even women who wants a sexy peach ass should lift DAMN heavy at the gym.

Here’s Bret Contreras’ clients. Btw, he’s a Ph.D and I learned a lot from him, definitely check him out on Instagram @bretcontreras1

Now tell me, do they resemble the “bulky” image you previously had in your head?

Of course not. (Dat peach tho)

Conclusion: Getting stronger won’t get you bulky, and there are even 4 reasons to train for strength!

With that out of the way, when will you start strength training? 😀

What beliefs did you have before reading this article?

I want to know! Let’s have a chat down there in the comments.

Get strong, geeks!

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